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Engage patients via two-way texting

The platform automates the routine tasks like appointment reminders, reviews, etc while retaining the human touch with your patients from your own business number.

Create appointments, answer medical questions, enable patient intake and forms, prescription refills, billing and more all through HIPAA compliant texting using your current office line. Make the patient experience incredible!

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Empower staff and optimize time and revenue

Remassis allows to share information seamlessly and securely between patients, clinicians, staff, and your EHR. By virtue of secured communication with patients, Remassis saves a lot of your frontdesk efforts and time. With the platform you can

  • Gamify staff engagements
  • Share encrypted video links over texts for telehealth
  • Collect feedback and payments over texts
  • Get pre-visit intake forms
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Delight your patients and improve your reputation

As much important it is to deliver a quality care, it is equally important to turn your happy patients into influencers for your practice

Collect staff feedback transparently

Nudge patients to get staff ratings and incentivize staffs by creating gamified leaderboards.

Get your business reviewed online

Automate nudge to collect reviews over google and facebook when it matters for your practice.


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